Our Ministries

Children’s Home

In 1997, we founded our children’s home for the daughters of devadasis. These girls would have no dignity in their own communities and would not likely be educated, joining their mothers in prostitution. At our children’s home, the girls receive food, clothing, medical care, education and a loving environment where they rediscover their dignity. And we make sure every girl knows that Jesus loves her and wants to give her hope and a future.

Our children’s home boasts a 100 percent success rate. Out of all the girls who have come to the home, not one has gone into prostitution. In fact, some of our girls have already graduated from the children’s home, gone to college and gotten jobs they use to support their mothers.

HIV/AIDS Ministry

Many temple prostitutes and their children suffer from HIV/AIDS. We offer counseling and provide food rations to sustain their families on the condition that the women stop engaging in prostitution in order to stop the spread of HIV.

Many of the women decide to place their faith in Jesus and begin new lives in Him after they experience our staff praying with them, counseling them and showing the love of Christ.

Boys’ Home

We recently started a boys’ home to help the temple prostitutes’ sons. They are now going to school and we can see so much improvement in them. With the love of our home and the hope of Jesus Christ, they are completely different children.

Training & Camps

We want to show the love of Christ to the devadasis themselves, so we hold ladies’ retreats for these women who have probably never experienced love and kindness. We treat them to hand and facial massages and teach them how precious they are in God’s sight and how He cares about their lives.

We have a tailoring center to teach devadasis how to make clothing so they can leave prostitution and still provide for themselves.

We also show them that they don’t need to dedicate their daughters as prostitutes to survive in old age. We explain that their daughters can support them very well by working as teachers or nurses or in other respectable professions.

Many of these ladies have come to know Jesus and we hope to share God’s love with many more.