How it all started

People thought Arun and Shobha Massey were crazy when they left their jobs, but the Lord had given them a mission.

They had been moved by a documentary on the plight of elderly devadasis. Shobha remembered seeing temple prostitutes come to her door begging for food when she was a child. The way the devadasis lived without hope for this life or the next affected her deeply.

As Arun and Shobha prayed over the situation, they saw a newspaper report about how the Indian government had failed in all its attempts to bring women out of the devadasi system. Where the government failed, Shobha knew God would succeed.

Confident God was calling them to do something, Arun and Shobha quit good jobs and started Caring Hands. They didn’t have any financial support but they did have faith in God’s promises. The ministry grew and now cares for over 3,000 women and children.